Challenge’s data center retailer decided to shut its facility, compelling the SaaS Company to search for a new infrastructure solution.


0scale created an advanced architecture spread across couple of Availability Zones and deployed AWS managed services.


As successfully moved to the cloud, the platform is more accessible, protected, consistent, and cost-effective.

AWS Services

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"0scale was an immense partner as we migrated to AWS. They facilitated us to select a modern environment with tools like Cloud Formation and Terraform. We were thrown several curveballs more than this project. The chief was when the datacenter transferred up their finish date. 0scale was able to be stretchy and appeared with an adjusted plan to facilitate us to transform well before the new date. Transforming all our products to a new atmosphere was a huge lift with a host of unknowns. 0scale operated as an accumulation of our team, and facilitated us handle the risks. Vital testament to the team was that our immigration was successful with only negligible downtime."

Graham McNicoll

The Challenge

Previously’s network infrastructure was hosted on traditional/physical servers in a data center in India. But, at the time when its data center vendor planned to shut the facility, required to transfer its services. This offered an amazing opportunity to update the infrastructure stack and shift up to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud platform.

The latest AWS Cloud infrastructure would greater amazingly available customer-facing and fundamental services also as enhanced security and compliance. would be able to scale based on the existing load and use constant integration and uninterrupted delivery (CI/CD) mechanization for deployments. The innovative infrastructure also would offer separate environments for staging, deployments, QA, and production.

To make the infrastructure that would give these reward and finest practices, brought in 0scale, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, with wide-ranging experience in migrations and an AWS Migration Competency status.

The 0scale Solution

The 0scale team combined information regarding’s necessities and software dependencies. After that they started to design a latest AWS Cloud-based architecture that would provide high availability without any solitary points of collapse.

The latest architecture is an ordinary load-balanced design. It deals auto-scaled groups of application examples penetrating across couple of Availability Zones, with a third Zone for MongoDB redundancy. MongoDB is a flexible, scalable document database that provisions data in JSON-like documents and provides complete indexing and querying features.

This moment has effectively migrated to the AWS environment, they have rewarded from an extremely accessible service. Due to the infrastructure is circulated across multiple Availability Zones; there is no more a sole point of failure. also got enhanced monitoring, with bottomless insight into the infrastructure's health and existing load. And due to the company is no more supposed to pay the flat rate pre-provisioned hardware, but pays only for what it presently uses, it saves on communications costs. Existing monthly costs are about 20% lower.

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