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0scale has been in partnership with AWS for over a decade, allowing numerous companies to modernize serious workloads, influence distracted technologies, and fulfill the significant strategic goals on the cloud.

Partner with AWS as a premier-tier service provider

At 0scale, we take pride in our recognition as the exclusive Canadian-based AWS Premier Partner. Irrespective of your industry or company scale, our unwavering dedication lies in resolving your intricate challenges and unveiling novel prospects that enable you to accomplish your business objectives seamlessly on the AWS platform.

100+ AWS Certifications And Counting

Irrespective of the intricacy of your AWS challenges, our team comprising over 100 skilled AWS developers, engineers, and solutions architects possesses the necessary technical expertise and track record of success to assist you in attaining operational excellence and maximizing business value on the AWS cloud. As an esteemed AWS Premier Consulting Partner, 0scale has empowered numerous clients to harness the potential of AWS, providing them with a competitive edge by leveraging scalability, enhancing agility and integrity, and establishing a robust foundation for a cloud-native future. With our comprehensive services, we have guided countless businesses towards gaining a competitive advantage and embracing the benefits of a scalable and agile cloud infrastructure.

AWS Competencies:

AWS Service Validations:

AWS Certifications

What Makes 0scale the Ideal Choice for Delivering Your AWS Services

Cloud Environments

Our innovative solutions have been designed & developed over years of analysis into industry best practices.

Cloud Capabilities

0scale goes being a mere solutions provider; our mission is to accompany you throughout your cloud-native journey.

Certified Engineers

Backed by a team of 100+ skilled professionals and numerous certifications, 0scale possesses extensive experience.

Funding Programs

Embracing the AWS cloud shouldn't entail unnecessary risks. At 0scale, we possess in-depth expertise funding programs.


Crestic Migrates 5,000 Servers From 10 Data Centers To AWS In Just 8 Months

Required to modernize and migrate on AWS. The enormous project involved over 5,000 servers from 10 data centers to AWS in Just 8 Months of timeframe.

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