Required to modernize and migrate on AWS. The enormous project involved over 5,000 servers from 10 data centers to AWS in Just 8 Months of timeframe.


0scale implemented migration + modernization, instead of the basic lift and shift. The project includes app modernization, cloud-native app development, DB2, and Hadoop to AWS and migration from Oracle,


Crestic attained important cost savings from moving off of disciplinary licensing models and preventive posh renewal fees, can now aim at the midmarket via trial subscriptions and pay-per-use billing, and has a more lively development process for quicker time to promote.

AWS Services

Executive Summary

Crestic is a marketing technology company that offers a suite of services to facilitate companies reach their customers more efficiently. The company provides a broad array of solutions from marketing automation to paid marketing expiries, and everything else. At this moment, Crestic serves more than 2,000 customers all around the globe.

Recently, Crestic was impressed by a well-known multinational technology company. Crestic is required to penetrate its enterprise-grade product suite to the mid-market and become the market leader in the technology industry. For this concern, it needed to modernize its technology stack to enhance its rate of innovation and decrease operating costs. Crestic was in search of collaboration with cloud expertise with amazing migration and modernization experience, fortunately, they found that partner in 0scale.

The Challenge

To meet its determined objectives, Crestic is required to update its IT infrastructure on numerous fronts. The company asked us to have more agile development and deployment process. Crestic also asked us to provide a more highly available solution that can’t be possible to implement with its own premises data centers. Moreover, the company was using more than the desired enterprise software and inflexible licenses.

Crestic also visualized accumulation capabilities that would allow its platform to offer trial subscriptions and take advantage of pay-per-use billing. Crestic understood that it needed to get rid of its dependencies on legacy hosting and database management vendors to achieve all of its goals.

The Solution

This was an enormous project that needed a combined effort between 0scale and Crestic. It started with a deep analysis of Crestic’s data, applications, workloads, and other things. Moreover, the project also includes assessments on security and compliance practices, IT processes, people and skills, and cloud operations. To attain Crestic’s multiple business goals, the team developed a phased approach.

Phase 1 Transformation To The Cloud – Perks And Business Results Include:

  • Lesser infrastructure costs by taking away from current hosting solutions
  • Enhanced trustworthiness with multi Availability Zone (AZ) deployments and the authority of AWS
  • Augmented deployment pace with new deployment pipelines and tooling
  • Better sustainability with the use of containerization and Amazon EKS
  • Condensed monitoring and logging costs with the use of AWS CloudWatch
  • Transferred greater value services out of a sole Relational database into independently scalable persistence stores, additional optimizing costs
  • Laid structure for modernization attempt in phase 2

Phase 2 Application Modernization - Perks And Business Results Include:

  • Augmented scalability to utilize infrastructure costs and react concurrent to changeable customer workloads
  • Enhanced application dependability by automatically replacing tools that experience problems without affecting accessibility
  • Transformed services to stateless services, falling probability of data loss in the event of a hardware or software failure
  • Enhanced data resilience by leveraging the trustworthiness of AWS services
  • The augmented pace of feature delivery and patches to production
  • Skilled Crestic team members in cloud finding out best practices and acted as a force multiplier for the customer
  • Reduced the upholding burden of a legacy infrastructure
  • Enhanced performance of long-running customer started processes
  • Tough systems against failures and lessened probability of outages by dropping blast radius of any exacting issues
  • Developed a custom data lake to help in-depth analytics and business intelligence

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