ACSD required a way to offer on-site workers protected access to files saved in remote locations.


0scale used AWS Storage Gateway to permit access to numerous, cost-efficient, and time-saving cloud storage.


Currently, official ACSD employees can rapidly access the resources they require without extra user authentication steps.

AWS Services

Executive Summary

The headquarters of ACSD is located in Staten Island, New York. The organization is specialized in structured and electrical cabling and telecommunication solutions. The company sustains a giant distributed workforce. Several of these workers need access to the business analytics of the company but are not linked to the protected and on-premise network of the company. With the help of 0scale, ACSD solved its problem by executing a solution that enables its network protection while allowing its remote employees to have access to the required information.

The Challenge

ACSD Electrical Corporation has a huge staff of employees on-site and at project locations that are frequently required to have access to the different documents from the company’s database. For the remote locations, employees do not use the company's network so they have difficulties accessing the documents available in the protected storage of ACSD, and providing them those documents is a time-consuming and tedious process for the employees.

Therefore, The Company wanted 0scale to assist build up an easy-to-execute solution that could make resource access simpler for workers at project locations while making sure a great level of security.

The Solution

0scale’s solution introduced a process for syncing the files needed by the remote workers with the Company’s on premise network via AWS storage gateway. The service of hybrid cloud storage provides the access to virtually unlimited cloud storage, decreases the costs of storage, and eases storage management. The solution also integrates a user authentication application that connects with the cloud-based authentication service and user identity.

All the data that may be required by the remote employers are stored in protected cloud storage so that they can have easy access to the data. The access of files can be done from Amazon S3 by signed URLs for additional security with the right to use available through an internet connection. To avoid the reuse of the same URL, a signature is made official only for a selected user and for a little period.

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