Crunch required facilitate from AWS migration specialist to covert from a self hosted database to a managed cloud based solution.


0scale dealt Crunch via a database journey to Amazon Aurora, offering technical expertise and customized recommendations along the way.


Crunch now has a reliable, scalable, and cost-friendly database solution that can hold up the organization’s superior analytics objectives going forward.

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Executive Summary

Crunch is an the sole learning and performance management stage that enhances specific engagement, boost career development and support different groups, employees, managers and peers to company objectives. The medium come with the learning management system, an employee centric career development center, performance management tools and a d survey capabilities, every business require to sustain their staff in the workplace.

Last year, in 2020 crunch started looking for a database transformation expert that can facilitate company move its self hosted architecture to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Being an AWS Premier Consulting Partner with widespread database migration experience, 0scale set the bill flawlessly.

The Challenge

Prior to transforming to AWS, Crunch’s learning and performance management podium relied on a self-hosted PostgreSQL database. Crunch was then takeover and engraved out of its parent corporation, compelling the supplementary to come up with a new database solution that didn’t rely on the work of DBA resources.
Crunch’s VP of Engineering planned the amazing way ahead would be the transition to a cloud managed database solution. More particularly, crunch required to take benefit of the MySQL and PostgreSQL-compatible database service.
Amazon Aurora, which is element of the Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS). Amazon RDS mechanizes backend administrative tasks like provisioning and tapping that would rely on engineers otherwise. The issue was that crunch did not have proficient in house to implement the database migration freely. Ultimately, t he organization decided to connect with 0scale, a cloud consultancy with the Migration capability from AWS, to help with the change.
"The 0scale team was just unbelievable. They successfully built the level of confidence and trust in us as an outcome of brilliant communication and planning. "
Rohn Wyckoff
VP of Engineering, Crunch

The 0scale Solution

0scale contributed the time to completely understand crunch’s technical needs and overarching objectives for transforming its database to AWS. With the clear understanding, 0scale was able to deal as a thought partner to crunch and offer recommendation for the ways of company could make the best of its clout migration journey.

We came up with the influencing technical plan and had both the expertise an experience to transform Crunch’s databases productively to AWS. The execution team was available 24/7 in case any problems were come up, and Crunch had a transparent opinion of what its prospect database architecture would be. Graceful to 0scale’s management, the migration went effortlessly.

From the project, 0scale benefited Crunch’s IT team from handling with implementation of computed or database optimization work, being the consultancy had all the solutions already form loads of past migration project. 0scale fundamentally removed the requirement for exploring and placed Crunch to hit the ground operating with its new Amazon Aurora database.

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